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The Meaning Of Flower Arrangement

更新日期:1月 17

Flower arrangement seems simple, but if you think carefully, you will find that there is a profound life philosophy behind it.

The flower works presented will be very different according to our state of mind. Through the process of arranging flowers, we are also observing ourselves. The key point is, which side of ourselves do we see?

For example, when I first started learning flower arranging I was easy to follow my greedy habitual tendency, wanted to use all the beautiful flowers in one work. The result is that the final presentation looked rather chaotic, with no priority.

Although flower arranging is a process of free creation, only based on following the rules of flower arrangement, distinguishing the priority of your work, free creation will not lead to chaos.

Isn't our life like this? If we don’t know the rules of life, we just keep being attracted by the material world, constantly doing "addition" for life, we will inevitably get lost in the whirlpool of desire in the end.

Flower arrangement is just a medium, let us observe our state of mind through this process, and expand the visibility of our life.

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